Goulds Bookstore

On the way back from the Hunter I discovered the best second hand bookstore I've ever seen (in Newtown). Bigger than anything (new or secondhand) in Canberra by far, and well stocked with anything from Sci-Fi to communist propaganda. It even has a couple of cats that live there. http://gouldsbooks.com.au/

Picked Up:

  • William Gibson - Idoru
  • Corman, Leiserson, Rivest - Introduction to Algorithms
  • Bruce Schneir - Secrets and Lies
  • Scott Adams - The Dilbert Principle
  • Some trashy cyberpunk novel that I can't remember the name of

Taskbar Shuffle rockin my world today

"No hotkey, no extra steps, drag and drop the programs on your Windows taskbar by simply... well, dragging and dropping them! Neat concept, huh? No need to get all nervous when a program crashes or if you wanna reboot; you can re-order your programs exactly as they were." http://www.freewebs.com/nerdcave/taskbarshuffle.htm

Hello world!

So yeah a blog, novel eh...