Recently, while searching for a Thunderbolt 4 Dock, I found myself in a sea of data, but with no detailed comparison table to help. Hence, I decided to create one myself.

NameTB PortsHost TB PortEthernetUSB-C 3.2Gen2USB-A 3.2Gen2USB 2.0Display PortsMonitor SupportRRPSaleLaptop PowerAudioSDPower BrickWarrantyNotes
Microsoft Surface Thunderbolt Dock 43Side (builtin)2.5GbE32x4K$299.00$299.0096W3.5mm combo165WDesk mountable, Unsure about monitor support (docs are ambiguous about daisy chaining)
CalDigit TS42Rear2.5GbE3 (20W, 2x7.5W)51 x DP 1.42x6K, 2x5K, 2x4K, 1x4K@144Hz$399.00$399.0098W3.5mm combo + in/outSD UHS II, microSD UHS II230W2 Years
Sonnet Echo 11 HDMI2Front2.5GbE4HDMI8K, 6K, 2x5K, 2x4K, 4K@240Hz$299.00$239.00100W3.5mm comboSD UHS II135W2 yearsFree lifetime support
Corsair TBT2003Front2.5GbE13$299.00$279.0096W3.5mm comboSD UHS II
OWC Thunderbolt Dock3Front1GbE318K, 2x5K, 2x4K, 1x4K@120Hz$249.00$249.0096W3.5mm comboYes135W2 years
Sonnet Echo 113Front1GbE318K, 6K, 2x5K, 2x4K, 4K@240Hz$249.00$199.0090W3.5mm comboSD UHS II135W2 yearsFree lifetime support
Kensington SD5700T3Front1GbE318K@30Hz, 2x4K@60Hz$289.00$232.0090W3.5mm comboSD UHS II?3 years
Razer Thunderbolt 4 Dock Chroma3Front1GbE32x4K$329.0090W3.5mm comboSD UHS II135W1 yearMac 2x4K not specified
Dell WD22TB42Side (builtin)1GbE132xDP, 1xHDMI, 1xUSB-C DP5K, 4x4K$364.00$269.0090W (130W Dell)None?3 yearsMac not specified
Startech TB4CDOCK3Front1GbE318K@30Hz, 6K, 5K, 2x4K$354.0096W3.5mm comboSD UHS II135W3 years8K Mac not specified

I ended up grabbing the Caldigit as it suited my needs. There's probably a few docks i've missed here (by pluggable, OWC etc.). Feel free to open a PR on this post to update the table.