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ChatGPT Memes

I was curious about how ChatGPT would go with creating memes (this era’s main cultural output) after reading a comment by @jeisc on Hacker news:

Does anyone here really think that AI will produce a new “Jungle Book” by Kipling or a new “Mona Lisa” by Da Vinci or a new “Requiem” by Mozart” which could even have a remote possibility of becoming cultural icon and reference? And is that a goal or event that the spectators are waiting for? And if it occurs what would it infer about human cultural evolution?


Programmable IO (PIO) for MIDI with the Rasberry Pi Pico

I recently read a few posts on about using the Raspberry Pi Pico to interface with synthesizers over MIDI. The Pico is an interesting beast and I was curious how far it can be pushed - how many devices can a Pico control at once? It turns out that it is possible to create a MIDI thru device of up to 25 outputs with PIO doing most of the heavy liftingleaving the main CPUs to handle program logic (and perhaps USB / WiFi / Bluetooth / etc).


Introducing JUnit JSON Params

Yesterday, I released junit-json-params, a small java library built on JUnit 5 that enables parameterizing unit tests with inline JSON and JSON resource files.


Installing .NET Core on OSX

Note: this post contains outdated instructions for a problem that occurred installing .NET core on OSX in 2016. suggests that you can now install dotnet core on macOS by running brew install dotnet. The instructions at are also worth reading rather than this post.