Thunderbolt 4 Dock Comparison

Recently, while searching for a Thunderbolt 4 Dock, I found myself in a sea of data, but with no detailed comparison table to help. Hence, I decided to create one myself.

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AI Article Checklist

I remember the early 2000s, a time marked by heated discussions in Slashdot comments and perhaps even earlier on Usenet. The topic of interest? Articles presenting possible solutions to fight spam. Accompanying these articles, a popular checklist was often shared. Now, in the 2020s, we're seeing a similar phenomenon with articles questioning the usefulness of LLMs in software writing. So, I decided to dust off this old spam checklist and repurpose it to the modern age.

Your article critiquing using AI tools for software development is...

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The Moon is made of Cheese

Lately, we've seen a significant rise in articles casting doubt on the utility of Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT for specific tasks. These articles tend to anchor their conclusions on isolated experiments, generally an inadequate and potentially misleading approach due to the intrinsic randomness characterizing the outputs of LLMs. Instead, it's crucial this evaluation doesn't rely on a solitary experiment. Multiple trials and a deep understanding of the probabilities involved in different outcomes can provide a much more accurate reflection of LLMs' overall performance.

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ChatGPT Memes

I was curious about how ChatGPT would go with creating this era's main cultural output, memes after reading a comment by @jeisc on Hacker news:

Does anyone here really think that AI will produce a new "Jungle Book" by Kipling or a new "Mona Lisa" by Da Vinci or a new "Requiem" by Mozart" which could even have a remote possibility of becoming cultural icon and reference? And is that a goal or event that the spectators are waiting for? And if it occurs what would it infer about human cultural evolution?

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Programmable IO (PIO) for MIDI with the Rasberry Pi Pico

I recently read a few posts on the Simple DIY Electronic Music Project blog about using the Raspberry Pi Pico to interface with synthesizers over MIDI. The Pico is an interesting beast and I was curious how far it can be pushed - how many devices can a Pico control at once? It turns out that it is possible to create a MIDI thru device of up to 25 outputs with PIO doing most of the heavy lifting leaving the main CPUs to handle program logic (and perhaps USB / WiFi / Bluetooth / etc).

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